Introduce staff

Introduce staff

  • 戴 小龍(タイ ショウリュウ)

    Birthplace China
    Supported language Japanese.Chnese.English
    Current residence OSAKA
    Blood type Type A
    Hobbies.Skills Reading.Diet
    Favorite animation One piece
    Lessure time Reading the novel
    One word Providing omnidirectional, including the assistance in rooms search!

    “I also have experience of studying in OSAKA so please feel free to consider witth as a friend of the sam foreigns!
    If you tell me about your preference room, I will help you until you get satified room.
    Security Deposit, key money, initial fee is inexpensive。Of course beside the free Interner we have plenty of properties for free. so please contact us anytime.”

  • Birthpkace Taiwan
    Supported language Japanese.Chinese.Taiwanese.English
    Current residence Osaka
    Blood type Type A
    Hobbies.Skills Ability to sing in karaoke in 8hours
    Favotite animation One piece
    Lessure time Cleaning up, Washing, hiking
    One word Enjoy the life in Osaka, lets looking for a nice room!

    “The first time coming the Japan, what would you think about the situation of rental apartment and complicated things you unknow.。
    In my oppnions, renting a house is the most difficult thing for people who live in Japan in short time and have working holiday visa as well.
    For that purpose, we provide a varity of nice room with availble furniture, electric equipments, net,… and we also have support service after moving in such as equipment repair and lifeline contract.♪”

    呂 瑋芸(リョ ウェイユン)