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1Moving assistance

“Please leave furniture installation and movement!”

Please come to our shop with luggage on the day of moving.
The wagon car prepared by our company will move to the apartment and the staff will carry the baggage to the room together.

2Furniture purchase

“I will buy furniture and home appliances that are no longer used!”

To move the big stuffs you need a big car and you need a strong person to carry.
In addition, it costs money to dispose of home appliances and furniture that are no longer used in Japan.
However, some people need furniture and appliances that you do not need.
Because it costs money to buy a new one …
From the desire to mediate such a person, I started furniture home electronics purchase service!

3Transportation service

“I will pick you up at your desired location by car!”

1Express Bus Stop
When using a high-speed bus from the airport on the day you come to Japan, please tell the staff the place to get off.
The staff who can speak Japanese and English as well as Chinese will take service to pick you up with our car.
It is safe because we will exchange contacts in advance and meet at the bus stop.
2Nearest station
If you live in Japan, you can meet a station you know.
Our staff will pick you up by car.

4Proxy of Lifeline Contract

“We will substitute for complicated procedures!”

Various procedures are required for facilities essential for daily living such as electricity, gas, waterworks, Internet,..
Those complicated procedure will be delegated from our application to your contract for free !