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Q&A about looking for a rental apartment

The Q&A about foreigners that wondering at looking for a rental apartment. If you do not understand, please do not hesitate to contact us.
The Q&A about foreigners that wondering at looking for a rental apartment such as market price and rental agreement.
If you do not understand, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • QIs it able to rent an apartment without speaking Japanese?

    AIt is difficult.
    It is hard for foreign customers to rent apartment who cannot speak Japanese daily conversation.
    In order to rent a private apartment, we make a communication with landlord and get a permissions.
    About the rule of dispose garbage in Japan and the rules is different in each region. Because of important things about lifestyle in Japan, landlord does not want to lend a room easily to those who cannot understand in Japanese.
    Moreover, when you look for an apartment with real estate agent, it is almost impossible to rent an apartment without speaking Japanese fluently. If you do not have confidence about your Japanese, please bring someone who can speak Japanese with you when visiting a real estate agent.
    In our company we have staff who can speak Japanese, English, and Chinese.

  • QWhat is the important point when looking for a rent apartment with real estate agency

    APlease make sure whether the monthly rent fee of the apartment and initial cost are compatible with your budget.
    In addition, it is very important to check the area or environment around your apartment, such as transportation, supermarkets, shopping market, etc.
    Furthermore, it is better to check whether the apartment is match up with your preference such as sunshine or other preference you have.
    To prevent fire, there are some apartment that prohibit to use gas and oil stove, so please check what type of heating equipment can be used.

  • QHow long will it take to go to school?

    AAbout 1hour
    In metropolitan areas such as Osaka and Tokyo, taking 1 hour to go to school is normal.
    There are many people want to live near school or workplace, so they can walk or using bicycle, but it is better to think that is almost impossible especially when the school`s location in a business area or commercial area.
    Japanese students and workers always consider about residence area and their economic condition, and normally the distance from house/apartment to school or workplace takes over an hour.

  • QWhat is the meaning of 1K, 2LDK and others?

    1R  → There is a kitchen inside the room
    1K  → 1 Room+Kitchen
    2DK  → 2 Room+Ability to put dining table inside
    2LDK → 2 Room+A dining room with larger kitchen

    The “L” stands for living room, the “D” is for dining room, and the “K” is for kitchen. “DK’ means 1 room jointly serves as the dining room and kitchen. “LDK” means 1 room jointly serves as the living room, dining room, and kitchen

  • QApproximately how much is needed for rent apartment?

    AIt depends on the area of apartment and the requirements of the room.
    When you want to rent rental apartment, it will be inconvenient if you do not know about rent market price (regular price) of the apartment.
    Normally, if the location is closer to the city center, the rent is more expensive. On the other hand, if the location is farther to the city center, the rent is cheaper.
    Besides that, the popularity of apartment is depends on the distance from the station, the age of buiding, the surrounding environment, good sunshine, and the residential area.
    Firstly, you should decide your budget by yourself and after you decided then visit to real estate agent to get consultation with them. It will be the best and the most effective way.

  • QWhen is the deadline of rent payment?

    Basically, it depends on rental apartments but normally in the end of the month or 27th of the month.
    Moreover, the contract of rental apartment in Japan is very strict about the due date of rent payment, and it is not good idea to think such as “Can you forgive me if I made a slight payment delay?”. It is impossible.
    (if you made a delay more than one week from the appointment date, some apartments usually will cost 10% from your rent fee. )
    Therefore, it is important to think exactly how much you can pay for rent every month.
    ※You can pay directly your rent in our office, not transfer, so you do not need to worry about transfer fee.

  • QWhat is the meaning of Shikikin and Reikin?

    Shikikin or Hosyoukin is security deposit or guarantee money. Security deposit is deposit money to the landlord as a security deposit (repair expenses) for the unpaid rent or damage to the room, this amount usually about the equivalent of 1~2 months rent and you must pay it as an initial cost.
    Reikin or Key Money is actually money that you give to landlord as a gratitude money, [Thank you for allowing me to stay in this apartment]. The amount usually about the equivalent of 1~2months rent and you must pay it as an initial cost.

  • QWhat is the meaning of Kyouekihi (Common Service Fee) or Kanrihi (Management Fee)?

    Shared cost with other residents for apartment management.
    That cost refers to the electricity, water fee, cleaning fee such as for elevator, cleaning cost for aisle, and the other monthly expenses for maintenance.
    This fee is generally pay in the same time when you pay for the rent, but this fee is separate from the rent fee.

  • QWhat is the Agency Fee?

    AWhen you asking a real estate agent to introduce a room, you have to pay agency fee.
    Generally the fee around 1 month rent.

  • QWhat is the rental agreement/ contract?

    AThe rental agreement is a document that specifies the promises between the landlord and the renter.
    When rent rental apartment, the renter and the landlord have to sign to the contract or rental agreement.
    In that time, landlord, renter, and guarantor have to write their name and their address, then have to sign or seal the contract that created by real estate agent.
    ※Because the rental agreement is the evidence of the term of contract, the details of contract, and the amount of deposit money, so please keep it carefully.
    ※Note:If you already sign and seal on the contract, it will be legally valid. So, please sign and seal the contract only after you understand the terms well. Please do not hesitate to ask to the real estate agent`s person in charge if you do not understand well.

  • QBecause I want to remove the wall, so bed room and living room can stick together. Am I allowed to change the form of the room?

    Please do not attempt to modify the form of the room you rented without get a permission from landlord. Whenever you want to change inconveniences, you should consult the landlord or management company.

  • QI want moving out….

    APlease notify the landlord or management company 1 month before moving out (it depends on your contract).
    The deadline that you must notify the landlord or management company is also decided in the contract, but normally is 1 month before moving out.
    If you suddenly notify, you have to pay one month rent even you not stay in that apartment.
    It is a general rule that the room should be kept in the same condition as when entering the apartment. It is necessary to dispose the unnecessary items. It means please remove all of your belongings from the housing and clean it well. Do not leave any garbage behind.
    Please note, before moving out, please make sure there is no unnecessary items or garbage. Because it will cause inconvenience to the landlord.
    In addition, it is necessary to pay the utility fee such as electricity, gas, water, and telephone fee.