Rental situation in Japan

Rental situation in Japan

Unlike another countries, Japan is a country where the rental apartment rules are very strict. We would to explain the differences and the important points, so please do not miss it once.
There are some differences on how to look for room in Japan compared to other countries,
Let’s see the following things below, so you could understand how to find a room smoothly.

  • 1In Japan, not only pay for rent, there are initial costs that you have to pay, such as “Deposit”, “Key money”, “Agency fee”!

    At the time of the contract, you must prepare an initial fee such as security deposit, key money, agency fee, key exchange fee, and rent fee. Normally those fees are worth about 5 or 6 months of rent in total.

  • 2Normally, most of rental apartment does not have furniture!

    Most of rental apartment does not have furniture, lighting equipment, carpet and curtains. In the kitchen, sinks are attached, but normally there is no gas stove.
    So, if you want to rent a rental apartment in Japan, you have to prepare all furniture and electronic equipment by yourself.

  • 3You need guarantor or join rent liability guarantee company!

    When making a contract, you will be asked whether you have Japanese guarantor or not. (It is same process when Japanese people borrow rental apartment)
    When using a rent liability guarantee company services, normally you have to pay about 50% to 100% of monthly rent include rent, common expenses, administrative expenses, water bill, etc.
    Even when you are using a rent liability guarantee company, normally you have to prepare emergency contact person.
    For details about guarantor, please click here.

  • 4It is not only joining rent liability guarantee company, you will be examined by rent liability guarantee company!

    Originally, when renting apartment, it was needed to pay about 6 months of rent for security deposit only, but because it becomes too expensive, so now the number of apartment with a 0 yen security deposit is increasing.
    Instead, to make sure that you can pay the rent properly or not, the rent liability guarantee company will examine you and ask about your information such as occupation, income, full time employee or not, whether there is guarantor or not, the examination like that is very important.
    When the rent payment is delayed, the guarantee company will pay to the landlord, in return they will charge fee for the delayed.
    Because the landlord has guarantee, it is necessary to use rent liability guarantee company services to rent property in Japan.

  • 5The term of contract to rent an apartment in Japan is predetermined.

    In other countries, once you sign a contract for rent, it depends on you until when you want to live in that room, but in Japan, the contract term is decided to be one to two years contract.
    Of course, it is possible to extend the contract term, but every property has different contract, so you also need to read carefully about the when you need to update the contract and how much cost to renewing the contracts, all that information is written in the contract.

  • 6There is a management company working on behalf of the landlord!

    A management company is a company which is got permission from the landlord to manage the building.
    On behalf of the landlord, not only repairing the equipment and cleaning the apartment, but management company also hear and solve the complaints of residents and make an advertisement for property agencies to find residents.
    In order to maintain the building, borrower must pay “Management fee” to the management company apart from monthly rent.

  • 7Do not allow you to live together in that room with your family or friends or lend it to others without the permission of landlord.

    In Japan, people except lender can`t stay in a rental apartment.
    If you want to live with more than one person, you need to inform to the real estate agent (or landlord) about that from the beginning and get permission.
    When you want to let relatives and friends to stay, even in short period, it is common to ask to the landlord about the condition and get permission.
    Because in Japan, too many cases that the foreigners who rent apartment allow other people to stay.
    It is necessary to pay the utility fee such as electricity, gas, water, telephone bill, etc.

  • 8About the type of rental apartment

    «School`s student dormitory»
    There are schools that offer dormitory accommodation for international students.
    For students who are in trouble to find rooms before coming to Japan, first step is please ask to your school whether the school has dormitory or not.
    «International student dormitory»
    Although the number is small, there are also international student dormitories managed by the country, Osaka prefecture, or private organizations.
    Facilities and cost are cheap, but the number of accommodation and entrance qualifications are limited.
    Sometimes it is introduced from school’s office.
    «Private dormitory»
    ◆ Mansion ◆
    Mansion is the most rented in Japan.
    The construction is reinforced concrete construction, and usually three-story or more. Besides room there is also kitchen, toilet and bath.
    Generally, the room with higher level is getting more expensive for rent.
    Normally, real estate agent will introduce this kind of “rental apartment”.
    ◆ Apartment ◆
    The construction is wooden buildings or prefabricated buildings, with two-stories is called apartment houses.
    There are kitchen and toilet, and some apartments don’t have bath, so they will go to public bath.
    It is inconvenience, but the initial cost and the rent is very cheap, so it is very attracting.
    ◆ Detached House ◆
    An independent house.
    Single story house or two- stories house is normal, and also there is a small garden on it.
    Of course, there are kitchen, bath and toilet.
    It is often searched for as a rental living with two or more person (family).
    ◆ Share House ◆
    Live in the same house with other roommates.
    Using the same entrance as others, using the kitchen, bath, toilet together, and only borrowing the room. There are many conditions about it.
    In Osaka, there are not many people who do share houses.
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